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Small to midsize businesses often have limited resources and space constraints which means using virtualization can help reduce capital expenses, improve business continuity and increase the responsiveness of their operations. With their IT budgets in constant pressure the payoff on such investments can seem rather high. However, virtualization can offer substantial cost reductions, productivity improvements and even enhance your oversall business productivity. Not just that virtualization can make your company more robust, agile and responsive to changing economic conditions and business opportunities.
By making use of the latest technological enhancements available companies can stay ahead of their competition and meet the changing expectations of their customers and partners. This means that your IT department can align better with the needs of your business and become a contributor in the overall business process rather than be just an assistant to existing operations.
More and more businesses today are opting for virtual servers for applications and storage. In essence, virtualization reduces the need for more number of systems by allowing a single computer (server) to host several operating systems and applications and sharing resources and virtual desktops.
By implementing a well planned virtualization platform your business can gain high levels of availability, fault tolerance and disaster recovery protection from critical environments.