As part of its services cloud storage offers uninterrupted and secure access to client data. Some providers offer basic services like data storage, backup and encryption whereas others provide file sharing, collaboration, application developments and integration with email, browsers, etc.

If you are new to this technology it can seem quite daunting to figure out the right set of services that suit your business. We can help you there!

How it will help you?

Their plans are usually flexible and scalable. They usually offer pay-as-you-go pricing. Cloud storage services allow you to back up and share files, store data, and some provide disaster-recovery ser-vices.
Security is always a concern when it comes to putting confidential and competitive information in the hands of a third party. Data breaches and, worse, outages that result in data loss, are always a risk, no matter whether your data is housed in the cloud or in a server next to your office. Arguably, it might be safer in the cloud
In addition to basic storage, most cloud storage services include:

  • Web-based dashboards to access data files
  • Mobile apps
  • Data backup and archive
  • Encryption
  • Usage reports
  • Drag-and-drop file transfers