Virtualization is becoming increasingly popular as a way for companies to save money on IT costs and streamline their applications. Small and midsize organizations face unique IT challenges. Your entire company runs on a few important applications but reliable business technology can be complex and expensive. Virtualization offers many compelling benefits over a traditional server environment including fewer servers to manage, better system utilization, and reduced maintenance and licensing costs.SMB customers can benefit from virtualization even if they have only a handful of servers

Virtualisation makes IT simpler to manage and use, highly reliable and a lot less costly for tens of thousands of small and midsize companies.IT‘s ability to expand
the infrastructure to support business needs is constrained due to limited funds and resources. At the same time, increasingly mobile end users expect greater flexibility and self-service access to resources.Reduce server costs with server virtualization and consolidation. Centralize server management and automate your data center with Virtualisation and eliminate over-provisioning and increase the server utilization

Backup Solutions

cyber criminals are increasing their efforts and focusing on businesses they believe are unprotected—small businesses. Even systems with a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee fail every once in a while. Regardless of how much you spend on technology, no solution is perfect.Unfortunately, businesses often don’t realize the risks they run until the damage has been done.

A data backup and recovery plan protects you in any of these situations. BlueNetz works with you to implement a strategic data backup recovery plan to ensure you always have access to important data and can operate as usual, no matter what

Businesses that suffer catastrophic data losses take significant hits to their financial well-being and clients’ confidence. Protect your revenue generation and sharpen your competitive edge with complete data backup and recovery services.