It’s not uncommon for businesses to take Network Security lightly. Assuming that your business would not be at risk can lead to devastating and in some cases irreversible consequences to your business processes. Cyber criminals are well versed in exploiting the vulnerabilities of your system to systematically extract confidential information or hamper the working of your internal processes to bring your operations to a complete stand still.

By building a multi layer security system for your network that is a combination of both hardware and software you can protect your business from some of the major network threats easily. Let us look at some of the most common challenges faced by business when it comes to network security.

  • A complete lack of any formal cyber security process is one of the most common issues in small to medium business models. By implementing manual processes you are always at risk from the latest threats and malware that is out there in cyberspace.
  • Another common issue is using random and disconnected tool that are often complex and ineffective for tackling the high risk assets or blocking the latest category of threats.
  • Getting the sufficient funds released by the top level management for implementing or updating your cyber security needs can often be a challenging venture especially if the management fails to identify the severity of threats to your systems.
  • It is found that a good 35% of network breaches happen because the user or employee in the organization was not sufficiently trained to identify and possible counter cyber attacks.

To design a network strategy that counters all these types of attacks you need to ensure that the following criteria are met and followed: