Wireless Solutions

Wifi availability is no longer considered a luxury, it has become a necessity for not just individuals but also business owners. With more and more businesses using internet access to deliver quality service to their clients having efficient network connectivity is now essential in day to day life. If you are looking to set up consumer oriented Wifi products to your business then it is important that you know the different options there are to choose from and which is best suited for you.

Setting up a wireless network across your campus or at a public facility can seem deceptively easy. But the risks involved if the network fails are huge. From connectivity issues for business-critical applications to major network downtime can affect the overall business experience, hamper your employee productivity and even have a negative impact on your customer experience.

Our expert engineers are fully equipped to design, supply, install and maintain effective wireless solutions for your businesses which meet every requirement and give you maximum freedom of selection and features. We offer a wide range of connectivity solutions at competitive prices across the country featuring Flexible network management, Custom-tailored product series for different business process and price requirements, State-of-the-art tools for radio field optimization, Wi-Fi diagnostics, and performance boosts.

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Indoor Wi-Fi Solutions

A classic but quite demanding requirement is the best possible reliable Wi-Fi coverage. Every office space has its own unique interiors that require specific WLAN design. We offer solutions to fit just about any budget, performance requirement or deployment scenario. If you have any questions about Wi-Fi solutions for your business requirement, our experts will be happy to help and advise you.


High-density WiFi Deployments

High-density Wi-Fi is a design strategy for large deployments to provide pervasive connectivity to clients when high number of clients are expected to connect to Access Points within a small space. Understanding the requirements for the high density scenario is the first step and helps ensure a successful design. This planning helps reduce the need for deploying additional access points over time and ensure reliable connectivity.

Outdoor & Industrial Wi-Fi Solutions

Smartphone, IoT applications, Smart City or autonomous driving- requires seamless connectivity with high data rates. Users expect great Wi-Fi no matter where they are and Employees want to be able to work anywhere on a corporate campus including outdoors. Smooth warehouse operations depend on reliable communications starting at the loading bay all the way through to staging areas.

Design and Deploy purpose-built, high-performance WLAN solutions for outdoor, warehouse, hazardous locations, and extreme-weather environments.

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PTP & PTMP Wireless Solutions

We offers complete Point-to-Point Wireless solutions you need to connect two or more locations together wirelessly. These wireless PTP & PTMP solutions will enable you to share internet between two or more locations, share files, video, voice or other data across your network when a wired connection is just not possible. Our complete turnkey solutions include link planning & designing, Installation & integration and Maintenance Support.

Guest WiFi & Hotspot Solutions


It has come to a point now where businesses cannot function without a good WiFi network. Customers today are looking for more than just the basic service. People likes to stay online at all times and any interruptions in access can result in major customer dissatisfaction. A guest WiFi network is a good way to Offer WiFi Service to customers and differentiate between employee and guests network.

Splash Portal and Hot-Spot solutions are deployed to redirect guests to login in different ways: with an account, social network, authenticate through PMS room/name, get free or pay for Internet access. These solutions can help social media marketing and boost presence on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Businesses can use this platforms to collect data, make surveys and automatically send promo emails to engage users and sell more.

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