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Why Network Infrastructure is very important ?

Best Network Infrastructure Solution Provider in Dubai UAE | Bluenetz Technologies, Businesses today need to be well connected globally and be online at all times. The network infrastructure forms the very backbone of any business today ensuring that the different devices and their users remain connected at all times. To set up such systems require the usage of cabling, switches, routers and many other specific equipment and they need to be placed strategically to maximize your network connectivity.

Every business is unique in its own way with varied manpower, office layout, equipment usage, etc. Without an effective IT network infrastructure plan in place businesses are known to encounter inefficiencies in device usage, delays with network connectivity and more. With a well planned and customized network design that includes the required on premise hardware, cloud based services, etc. in place you get the best output with minimal effort and investment. An effective network infrastructure plan will even leave room for future growth and development so that you are free to expand your horizons and reach your full potential without fail!

Let’s look at some of the most used components and terminologies when setting up a network for any business:

Routers, Switches & Wireless Devices

It is easy to overlook the importance of these devices while setting up your office network, estimating the usage and deciding the number of routers needed for sharing a common IP or placing switches to accurately connect multiple devices, etc is easily said than done. Our team of experts are fully equipped to plan out these solutions for you in no time

Network Security

Your customers today are short of time and need everything now! This means there’s no room for downtime due to security issues or network failures. We at BlueNetz Technologies have just what you need to protect your systems from every imaginable threat so you can work stress free everyday!

Network Monitoring Devices

Simply using high quality devices does not guarantee a smooth running network. Monitoring the added devices and keeping them well maintained is vital to ensure that any potential threats or issues are tackled well in advance and possible system bottlenecks eliminated beforehand.

How can we help you?

Network Assessments

It is a proven fact that early detection of issues can help you save on a lot of problems in the long run. A thorough network assessment will help you do just that! By identifying any cracks in your current system, infrastructure, security processes etc we make it possible to design solutions that can improve your existing network and improve the overall state of your existing network.

Network Assessments
Design & Architecture

Design & Architecture

Once the assessment is complete the next step is to design an efficient, scalable and secure system that supports your daily network usage and maximizes productivity by eliminating any network interruptions, drops or delays. Our team of network experts, study your system requirements in detail to develop the most optimum solution for your business needs.

Managed Network Services

With our dedicated staff on hand you can forgo your worries of monitoring, supporting and maintaining your network at all times. We ensure that the most important component for your business success remains active and available at all times.

LAN WAN Implementation

Implementation & Support

It’s often confusing and at times even overwhelming when you hear about access points and other networking components. Don’t fret over the installation and support issues anymore for our certified network technicians will take care of any and all issues for you.

LAN & WAN Implementation

When setting up a LAN and WAN infrastructure for any business it is essential to create a flexible and trusted network that provides the required bandwidth and ensures all the available resources are working to their optimum levels. Our installation and support procedures guarantee the latest technologies at your disposal. Talk to us today to know more!

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Firewall Solutions

Be it a small, medium or a large scale business, Firewalls have become an import aspect of every network infrastructure due to the extensive exposure to external and possible harmful network traffic. Our customized services ensure that you are fully equipped with the right tools to handle any possible network attacks.

On-Site Support

We pride ourselves in carrying a team of well trained and experienced professionals who maintain high levels of customer service. From copper and optical fiber cabling to switches, routers, LAN & WAN every aspect of your network infrastructure is handled with utmost care and consideration by our service engineers.

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Service-Level Agreements

Our SLA’s are prepared with much care to provide you with clear and concise information on what we provide as part of our service. It is needless to say that timely responses and allocation of the best of our engineers and well trained personnel for your every need is one among them.

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Our architects and consultants can assist your organization in tailoring the perfect  solution for all your business requirements. You can reach out to us for more information on how we can help.