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IT Consulting Services are equipped to support businesses to achieve their objectives by providing effective solutions for implementing IT infrastructure. These services employ the best technical experts and professionals who are trained to identify and solve issues for various business infrastructures. We pride ourselves in providing services to some of the most prominent businesses available today. From hotels, offices, shopping complexes to restaurants, malls and more our services cater to businesses of all verticals.
We interact with our clients to better understand your business needs and offer appropriate solutions that fit your budget. By utilizing our years of experience and expertise in the field of IT consultancy we are able to provide you with end to end support, hardware support, technical support, etc to improve the core IT processes in your organization so that your IT infrastructure is optimized for generating the desired business goals.

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IT Consultant


The first step towards implementing an effective IT infrastructure is to take a thorough analysis of the existing system and business model. Our IT consultant does just that so that they can address any underlying issues in the current system and eliminate any possible issues during the integration of new technology solutions.

The goal of the consultant is to get the highest ROI for your business and they can help you identify and choose the right software’s and systems that can support your business process effectively. If the consultant finds any lackey in the technology you are using they can easily perform gap analysis and recommend customization that will help you meet your requirements.

IT Strategy Plan

Organizations around the world implement IT teams in different capacities to handle their IT needs. With temporary fixes and instant patch works and software’s that don’t meet the business needs, the IT infrastructure becomes disconnected with the company’s mission and goals.

An IT strategy plan is a guiding document for a company’s IT team, that defines the overall goals, the strategies that support those goals, and the tactics that are needed to execute those strategies. It basically describes specific activities that need to be implemented to realize the planned strategies for your business. The scope and format of an IT strategy plan varies from company to company, but the one thing that remains constant for any strategy is that it must always align perfectly with the company’s overall business vision.

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Infrastructure Planning

When firms operate in multiple geographic markets it becomes further difficult to manage the IT infrastructure as the challenges faced in each market will be different. By selecting the right technology/applications and identifying the resource requirements, a strategy can improve the financial and competitive position of the enterprise which is the ultimate aim of any IT infrastructure plan.
We work with your team to design and implement a system that will create a solid foundation for IT and address all your long and short term IT needs easily. Our team of experts covers every aspect from planning, implementation to network, server and all other ICT infrastructure solutions.

Infrastructure Relocation

IT relocation is one of the most crucial and often highly stressful tasks when taking up an office move or relocation. We provide competent IT professionals and engineers who can effectively plan and carry out asset management, server shifting, structured cabling and cable management services in addition to specialist IT equipment disposal.

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Server Shifting

Servers are one of the most expensive and critical assets when it comes to small or big businesses. When considering relocation the job involves server shifting and reconfiguration activities which can be challenging. We provide these services as a complete package or even partially assist existing in-house teams to ensure a smooth IT move for our clients.


Our services include structured cabling for your new office with Cat6 or Fiber and cable management solutions to offer cabling security and general office housekeeping.

Desktop Relocation

Our experienced IT moves ensure that all IT devices are logged, packed, moved and unpacked in the right place at the right time for a hassle free relocation experience for our valued patrons

Asset Management

Depending on the dimensions of your business an IT asset move can involve varied levels of packing, shipping, re-cabling, etc. Our teams are trained to offer customized solutions for any kind of relocation requirement - full or partial, project management and execution, etc. We even help companies manage their IT assets by auditing and reporting on current asset integrity before IT removals.

Our competencies:

As an IT consulting firm, we pride ourselves in using our expert knowledge to recommend best-in-class solutions that are sculpted to your precise requirements. We also take a long-term interest in the IT health of the companies we serve, mapping out strategies for future growth where necessary.

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Network & Infrastructure Design, Methodology, Policy & Procedure

Project management, technical support and inquiries throughout the IT projects

Assesses the customer business situation

Define IT systems performance metrics

Identify potential areas of concern and offer recommendations in line with industry best practice in terms of capacity planning and performance reference.

Deal with multi-vendors implementation project

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