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8 Different Types of Servers in Computer Networks

Here are eight different types of servers in computer networks:

  1. Web server: A server that serves web pages to clients over the Internet or a local network.

  2. Application server: A server that runs business applications and provides access to them over the network.

  3. Database server: A server that manages a database and provides access to it over the network.

  4. File server: A server that stores and shares files over the network.

  5. Print server: A server that manages and directs print jobs to printers over the network.

  6. Mail server: A server that manages email communications over the network.

  7. FTP server: A server that facilitates the transfer of files over the network using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

  8. DNS server: A server that resolves domain names to IP addresses and enables the routing of Internet traffic.

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